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Full Stack Javascript Web Developer


Greg Townsend, APPLE INC.

"Richard has a wonderful working attitude. Even under the stress of deadlines and facing a huge pile of work, he strives to deliver quality results while keeping spirits high. We were lucky to have him on our team."

Marcus Hammarberg, SPOTIFY

"Richard is a skilled programmer and has an easy-going attitude that makes him a valuable asset in any software development team. I especially appreciated how Richard helped and supported those around him in learning new concepts."

Helena Nicholson, </SALT>

"Richard is a talented, dedicated Developer with a great passion for the intricacies of the craft. Detail-orientated but also experimental in his approach, he is an absolute pleasure to work with in a mob setting and always took the time to share knowledge and uplift others."


Full Stack JavaScript Developer


Jan 2020 - Current

Chosen among 25 people out of over 1200 applicants to partake in a Full stack JavaScript coding bootcamp.

Studying Software Development full-time for 3 months in Amsterdam at Epicenter, in an agile development team, delivering software for real technology companies during training.

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featured projects


Netflix Clone

A Netflix UI Clone built with React.js, Firebase and material-UI, pulling movie data from the tmdb api.


sustainability-focused Travel app for CenturyLink

A proof of concept sustainability-focused Travel app. The puropse of it is to demonstrate the feasibility of a design idea. It tries to incentivise slight changes in behavioural patterns, that will lead to a positive outcome, like the reduction of carbon emissions and an increased mental and physical health of employees. I also made a documentary to pitch this project to potential investors, which is available to view following the link below.

React NativeMongoDB

E-Commerce React Project

An e-commerce store, set up using React and Redux.


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